Convention Will Offer In-person, Virtual Options as MSAE 'Returns to the Field'

It is GAME ON for the MSAE Annual Convention! We may not be able to convene, confer or associate as usual, but we will still meet on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, hybrid-style.

This mini-convention will be 4-5 hours in length. Location, agenda, and other details will be coming soon. Check the list of timely topics these professionals will be sharing with us! We will also have a panel of our own Industry Partners to inform us about their current operations and upcoming re-opening plans. Read on for more information about individual sessions planned for this year's convention.

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Mind Your Change: ACT Up


Presented by Pam Confer

This seminar covers three strategic ways to manage yourself and team members during a crisis. Pam Confer will guide participants through the ACT framework:

• Activate the Change
• Create a Plan
• Transition the Change

Pam Confer is an international, award-winning, bilingual professional speaker, jazz singer, business consultant, public relations guru, and sports clay enthusiast. Pam is a TEDx Women presenter, corporate humorist and master soft-skills trainer. Her open mind, personal stories and amusing training style are unmatched. A member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Pam has served as a lead instructor and curriculum developer for the Mississippi State Personnel Board for approximately 16 years. She also travels the Southern region, offering specialized keynotes, trainings, and comedic self-help talks for governmental entities, educational institutions, public and private sectors.

Membership Renewal and Retention in Times of Crisis

Presented by Greg Melia

2020 has certainly been a “year like no other”, and as associations – and our members - look ahead, there is great uncertainty about 2021. Planning for membership renewals in 2021 is shrouded in that uncertainty. Join Greg Melia, CAE as he shares membership renewal and retention insights drawn from ASAE’s approach to membership during the Great Recession of 2007-2009 as well as his current role as CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. The session is sure to provide a foundation for you to develop or adapt your renewal practices. 

Evolving Legal Considerations During COVID-19: Ask an Association Attorney

Presented by Jeff Tenenbaum

Associations are dealing with enormous change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and virtually all of it has legal consequences. It is no easy feat to deal with these challenges, adhering to legal guardrails, avoiding legal pitfalls, and otherwise protecting your association as you navigate this new path.

In this program, one of the country’s most experienced and notable association attorneys will guide you through these issues and considerations. In what will be a largely Q&A format, Jeff Tenenbaum will answer questions such as:

• As associations contemplate the eventual return to in-person meetings, what are the key liability considerations to protect both the association, its staff, and its attendees?

• As states and localities continue to open up their economies and associations consider reopening their workplaces, what are the key liability considerations to protect both the association and its employees?

• As associations continue to cancel or postpone their scheduled in-person events or consider holding in-person events with reduced attendance, what are the most current, successful strategies to mitigate cancellation and attrition penalties? How has the legal
situation changed from two or three months ago and how are hotels and convention centers changing their approach to meeting cancellations and re-bookings?

• How can associations move their governance processes to a virtual format while still abiding by their governance documents and applicable law?

• As associations need to convert in-person programs and services to a virtual format, how can they successfully deal with contracts with exclusivity and non-competition clauses, as well as navigate critical copyright and right of privacy issues?

• Is association income from virtual trade shows taxable unrelated business income and are there ways to structure these arrangements to generate tax-free revenue?

• How can members use online forums to discuss how they are responding to the pandemic without running afoul of the antitrust laws?

In plain English and a very interactive setting, learn practical tips and suggestions for protecting your association and mitigating risk.

Tenenbaum is managing partner with Tenenbaum Law Group in Washington, D.C.